Recognising and appreciating beauty and committing to preserve it in the best possible way, which often is also the most innovative...
taking care of the whole and the details, for elegant and impeccable results.


Since 1975, over 40 years ago, three generations of the same family have followed the founder Aldo Turcatel’s passion for cars and racing.

A passion that has become a business in the automotive cleaning, care and maintenance sector and has expanded from engines to entire cars, from large transport and industrial vehicles to motorbikes, boats, including car washes, workshops and industrial facilities.

Beauty, maintenance and service

A range of high-quality products for your car wash, your business or simply for your car. As a professional team would do, Altur’s products take care of every single part of your car and equipment in the best possible way, with no exception.

The best solutions for your machine

Production and sale of a wide and comprehensive range of professional products to clean and maintain vehicles: from the engine to the dashboard, from the bodywork to the wheels. Altur products have a wide range of uses, from cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, industrial vehicles and machinery, down to car washes, workshops and industrial facilities.